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    Linux Server Firewall/Content Filter.

    I want to set up a linux firewall runing squid-guard or DansGuardian to separate off a kids safe wireless network. I do not want to loose the network server funcionality that the linux box presently has. Most of the info out on the network is about installing content filtering on a desktop rather than in a firewall arrangement.
    At the moment I have

    xxxxxxxxxxxxx Home Wireless
    x Fonera 2n x-Unrestricted SSID
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx for Parents
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx Home PC has K9
    Eth + ------ Ubuntu Server
    | SSH out of home access
    | Samba for file share
    | and smart phone backup
    xxxxxxxxxxxx restricted SSID
    X Netgear x-Wireless for
    x WGR614 x kids - off at
    x cble rtr x 9pm school days

    What I want to do is buy another Ethernet adaptor for the server and put it in line in between the Fonera and netgear.
    All traffic from the Kids network will have content filtering.
    That way the smartphones and any other net connected equipment like the TV is is controlled. Basically I am trying to control what the 16 year old is showing the 5 year old by mistake or otherwise!

    So what is the best software to go with? Will I be setting up a full proxy with squid/guard? or can DansGardian do the stuff?
    How do I configure up the second adaptor and is this going to be plugged into the Netgear uplink port?
    Presently the two wireless networks are separate address spaces. Netlink uplink goes into fonera ethernet.
    I may need to get port forwarding working for some of the PC games - not sure on this.
    When I am in via the SSH link I would like full access to the internet. The server has no screen/keyboard/mouse I have to borrow them from the other home PCs.
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