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    Encrypted Video Requirement

    Hello all,

    First time poster so if I've inadvertantly broken any forum rules I apologise in advance.

    Basically I'm a newbie to linux, have tried a few distros on live CD's but not really done much with them, just had a browse around.

    I'm working on a project where essentially what I need to do is have a PTZ camera running on battery and transmitting it's images back to somewhere via 3g connection. I am looking at using a raspberry pi with the PTZ camera connected to it along with a 3g dongle. I don't need any help hardware wise (ie powering the pi from battery etc) I just need some help with what to use on the pi OS wise.

    Is anyone willing to help me with this?

    So far I've found zone minder, which would be able to control the PTZ of the camera, but which linux distro would this run on that is compatible with raspberry pi? Also does the pi actually support 3g dongles? There is a slight hitch in that I also need the video feed to be encrypted, with 256 AES at least if not stronger. I've looked at possibly using zoneminder through a VPN, are any of the linux VPN options 256 AES?

    Cost is not really an issue so if there's some other kit I need that's not a problem, all suggestions appreciated. At the recieve end it will be monitored by someone who needs to be able to reliably control the PTZ functions of the camera, at the moment the clients to view the cameras we already have in place are windows based with the video feeds going into a windows server and then out to windows clients, I'm assuming that I will need to change these to linux to be able to connect to what I'm proposing, but if theres a solution that enables me to keep these on windows that would save me some time.

    Thanks in advance for reading, and if you reply even better!

    Cheers, Mike.

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    Interesting project. I'd recommend you go w/Debian Linux on your Pi, b/c it is stable and backed by the raspberry engineers. In fact, they have their own images of it that you can d/l and put on your pi:

    As for controlling the PTZ, it is as simple as logging into the webpage of the camera, right?

    As for VPN, you could look into OpenVPN. It is an open source software VPN solution that has been around for a while and is a commonly found package on many Linux distros. If it is not in the raspberry pi debian image, it should be trivial to get it from Debian's ftp mirrors and install it yourself. It supports AES 256. Here is the documentation:

    As for 3G dongles, I've never used one, but they are USB, right? I think I've read about them working in Linux before, so again, w/Debian, you are probably safe b/c it is such a popular distro and has tons of community support.

    Good luck.

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