Hi all,

My first post around here so please excuse me for all my wrongdoings against the forum etiquette in advance.

I would have to create an application that would use linux SPI (master) from userspace without root privileges. Actually I have the application already but I can't run it as anyone else other than root. The HW platform is an ARM9 if that matters.

I've been looking at some methods such as using the capability() system but haven't really gotten anywhere. The problem is that I'm not sure if anything else than allowing CAP_SYS_ADMIN would do - and as per my understanding that wouldn't solve the original challenge.

My goal would really be to figure out a solution that would require minimum changes in our current code where we haven't really thought any of this yet and follows the standard examples on how to use SPI.

Any pointers or suggestions would be very, very highly appreciated.

Best regards,