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    Simple firewall in CentOs

    Hello Everybody!

    I need help to setup a simple firewall for my webserver.

    I have install httpd on my server make a index.html and so on.
    There are 2 pc's
    PC 1: ip range |
    PC 2: ip range |

    My plan with the firewall on the webserver is:

    PC 1 can se the index.html or rather is allowed on the webserver.

    PC 2 will be block/locked out from the webserver, so PC 2 can't se the index.html.

    Can someone make just a simple firewall for that with iptables..?

    Please say if you need some more information for helping me, i will hand it to you.

    In advance thank you very much

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    quicker way may be to add the pc 2's hostname to hosts.deny the downfall to this would be that pc 2 would not have any access. If you are wanting to block just the ip range for http access only then you would need to use ip tables. the rule would look like this

    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 80 -s {IP/SUBNET-HERE} -j DROP
    service iptables save
    service iptables restart
    So if my networking experience serves me correctly you would put in / 26 I believe.

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