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    Hidden embedded bluetooth in laptops

    At least since 2009, manufacturers have secretly installed a hidden embedded bluetooth into laptops. This bluetooth is in addition to the bluetooth that is accessible by users.

    Starting with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is requiring manufacturers to install bluetooth. I believe Microsoft starting requiring hidden embedded bluetooth at least as early as 2009. Hidden embedded bluetooth can be geolocated by its MAC address and bluesnarfed by crackers, criminals, government and of course Microsoft.

    I have tested other netbooks I own and netbooks I have considered purchasing because the specs stated no bluetooth. They all have hidden embedded bluetooth! The bluetooth is hidden because:

    (1) Not in specifications or misleading specifications.
    Toshiba NB505-N500BL "No Bluetooth (No Antenna)"
    Toshiba NB205-N210 "no bluetooth (no antennae)"
    "No bluetooth" should mean no bluetooth. "No bluetooth (no antennae)" misleads consumers to believe that bluetooth requires an antennae to be detected. It does no. The MAC address of bluetooth is transmitted without an antennae. Bluetooth can still be bluesnarfed without an antennae.
    eMachine 250's specification misrepresented bluetooth none.
    MSI specified "n/a" for bluetooth in their specification of MSI L1350D netbooks. "n/a" is ambiguous.
    Asus specified some 1015PE has them and some not depending on "region" and instructed to look for bluetotooth in the BIOS. My Asus 1015PE did not have bluetooth in the BIOS yet it had bluetooth.
    HP Mini 1000 netbook specification does not list bluetooth misleading consumers to believe there is no bluetooth.

    (2) Not in BIOS.

    (3) Windows and Linux Bluetooth Manager do not detect it;

    (4) Hardware profilers such as HardInfo, lshw, Windows device manager and the hardware profilers in Hiren's Boot do not detect bluetooth;

    (5) Users cannot access this hidden embedded bluetooth. Users canot enable, disable or uninstall it. Users cannot kill the bluetooth processes in conky or htop. Users cannot prevent it from loading while booting by typing "bluetooth=no". Woflman advised: "Open System Settings > Hardware > Bluetooth and you can switch it off there if need be!!." No, it cannot be switched off as it is not detected by Bluetooth Manager.

    Laptops who's specifications list bluetooth, have a second bluetooth which is not listed in the specifications. This second bluetooth is a hidden embedded bluetooth. For example, the Asus 1015PX does list bluetooth in the BIOS. I removed the Broadcom combo wifi/bluetooth card. Yet, dmesg and lsmod detected bluetooth.

    I am requesting members to test their bluetooth and report here. Those who have laptops who's specifications state no bluetooth or don't mention bluetooth, please skip steps 1 through 3. Those who have laptops who's specifications state bluetooth, please conduct all steps:

    (1) Disable bluetooth in BIOS;
    (2) Disable bluetooth in Bluetooth Manager
    (3) Reboot

    (4) Disable wifi and do not connect an ethernet cable as we don't want internet using up memory

    (5) Sort Conky or htop by memory, not by PCU. Look for: blueman-app, blueman-mechani, usr/bluetooth, Krfcommd, obex-data-server

    (6) Open terminal and type:
    ps ax | grep blue
    Look for bnep, bluetooth, rfkill bluetooth

    There should be a class action suit against manufacturers for misleading there is no bluetooth in laptops that have a hidden embedded bluetooth and for misleading there is only one bluetooth in laptops in which the specifications state bluetooth.

    I have ordered a 2008 Asus 900 netbook and a 2006 Averatec 1150 netbook because their specs stated no bluetooth. I will conduct tests to determine if hidden embedded bluetooth predates 2009.

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    OMG. Are your meds kicking in?

    The answer is NO! There is no secret bluetooth in your electronic devices.

    You are probably electrically sensitive, like me and my wife. Blame it on the idiots yammering on their cellphones 24/7 and all the people who actually use the wifi capacity of their routers. I keep mine disabled, but that doesn't stop the people in the surrounding apartments and area from using theirs.

    Shut the f*ck up because I can hear your pr0n and facebook and twitter BS going through my head. It sounds like screeching and bleating and I'd like a decent sleep for once.

    I'm sick of being a guinea pig for money grubbing retards who are too f*cking lazy to plug a CAT5 into the wall, who don't care about their children, let alone mine.

    I miss the days of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and CB radios. Wifi is the 21st century version of lead pipes delivering your water. Everybody feels it, and some more than others, but it's the cumulative effect that matters. Mental illness spreading like wildfire.

    Combine that with Big Pharma feeding purposely addictive but useless chemicals to people, and you have a seriously bad situation rolling in like a tsunami.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Well, given the latest disclosures of Edward Snowden, who can be sure? To be 100% sure that your laptop doesn't contain a "hidden" transmitter (bluetooth or other), then you need a radio frequency detector - one that can handle just about all frequencies... Not a major problem to get, but my guess is that if your system vendor says that you do not have a bluetooth device, then it does not. If you are that paranoid, then spend a couple of thousand USD and get a detector that will verify that...

    Of course, if you are REALLY paranoid, then you will suspect that your detector will be configured to not detect the frequencies used by our "favorite" government snoopers!
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    Funny thing my acer from 2009 had bluetooth that never worked in any way. But when i installed ubuntu it worked right away with no driver install whatsoever!

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