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    How to encrypt / password protect big linux file?


    i have around 20 backup files tar.gz with sensitive data. The sizes of these files are from around 200MB to around 20GB

    I want to secure these files so no one can read, use its contents. only me

    the method of encrypting, password protecting them should be fast, so for example in case of 20GB file, it wont take more than like 10 minutes of server work to "encrypt it"

    it should be able to "encrypt/decrypt" them from linux command line.

    Please do you have any ideas on how to do it?

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    gpg is a standard cl tool that will do it.

    "man gpg" should cover it.

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    We used to gzip our large database files to reduce the size, then use openssl to encrypt them before moving them to offsite backup.

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    Thx, i tested openssl, there are examples on the internet. use SE to find. I wont use gpg because to bother generate key, unless GPG is much faster than openssl, which i dont know. Another found options: truecrypt (did not worked on my openvz vps), ccrypt
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    You don't need to generate a key every time you encrypt a file with gpg. If you're doing that, you're doing it wrong.

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