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    Is TLS encrypted password safe?

    Hello, on my android device my app autosaves my password and it encrypts by TLS
    im not politically exposed person, just regular entrepreneur. Should i worry if i loose my phone with TLS encrypted password? Or regular mortals or casual hackers are not able to crack it?
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    It depends on a million different things; including what versions of TLS your phone is using. There's an older version of TLS with a hole in it big enough to drive a Mac truck through.

    Here's the thing about android, and phones in general, in so far as security goes: THEY SUCK!!!!

    Android is the retarded bastard child of linux and java; Google be damned for their blasphemous, aborted re-engineering of an *actual* OS.

    Then the phone manufacturers get a hold it of and go: "Hey, let's rewrite half of the sucky crap here and scrag the sec testing. Oh and let's make sure that we fix it so the mean, horrible, ugly, stupid end users can't access any system features or settings below the surface stuff like screen savers and backgrounds so that they'll never be able to lock out all of the tracking and spying crap that we loaded on here. Who gives a rats behind if we leave 70 gazillion sec holes open? WE MUST BE ABLE TO MINE THEIR DATA AND USAGE SO WE CAN SELL THAT INFO TO TARGETED ADVERTISERS!!!"

    My wife finally bugged me in to getting her one of the stupid things to make her work life easier; so she could snap pics of people she had the cops trespass then attach it to an e mail, etc.

    She is not allowed to ever put any real info in it (like her SSN) at any time for any reason. If she's in a tight spot and needs to make an on the spot purchase that just can't wait through the phone then she has a prepaid CC that is not linked to our bank accounts for just that purpose.

    If there's any chance of actually securing the retarded thing you'll have to root it and load one of the well known security conscious mods on it and then roll up your sleeves and tweak it so it's actually secure.

    But then 1/2-2/3 of the crap you want to run on it won't work.

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