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    Should I use Golden Frog or Tails Linux for public wifi?

    I don't plan on entering any credit card info or things like that, but I'd like to log into sites instead of just web searching. Would using Tails Linux be enough or should I go for a paid VPN?
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    Tails uses TOR to do its anonymity thing (and I've no experience of Golden Frog at all). What that means is that your data packets will be passed through more hosts than normal during routing - and you can't trust -any- of the nodes your data is going to pass through. This has the effect you want, i.e. it makes it very difficult to detect where information came from and hence who generated it. But it also exposes any credential information you provide to every host.

    Even if you're talking to a site secured with SSL, i.e. one that uses https rather than http, its not all that hard for one of the hosts to substitute its own certificate, one that looks like it's owned by the real web site you're connecting to, but in reality is owned by one of the hosts on the route, who can therefore decrypt any information you send (this is a man-in-the-middle crack).

    Because of this, sending any credential information over TOR means that anyone who has a bit of security knowledge may be able to discern your username and password, and these may lead to a breach of that anonymity. This is especially a problem if you use the same credentials for other sites that the ones you connect to across TOR. The two effects are - 1. your identity may be exposed not by the computer you're connecting from but by the credentials you use and 2. potentially hands your credentials to anyone that could use them.

    So please be extra careful - there is a huge difference between anonymity and privacy. Only use TOR for anonymity.
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