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    How to safely copy files to replacement computer?

    In November 2011, my linux boxes were infected with BadBIOS. I purchased over a dozen replacement computers and returned, sold or discarded almost all of them due to infecting them when I copy my personal files.

    I burned my personal files to DVDs. Later, I learned that BadBIOS infects the burning of DVDs.

    Using the write protection switch on the SD card did not offer any protection. Though the switch is physical, it is merely a software flag.

    Last year, I purchased a Cool Gear USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA adapter with Write-Protect. I returned it because it had software. I was concerned BadBIOS would infect Cool Gear hard drive write blocker's software.

    I purchased two Kanguru blu flashdrives with write protection. BadBIOS infects the microcode of USB devices. badBIOS analysis of Weapons grade Malware

    I am concerned that even with the write protection switch on, its infected firmware or driver will infect my replacement computer.

    This month I discarded my BadBIOS infected Asus 1015PE netbook and HP Compaq Presario V2000. I need to copy my personal files from an infected SD card and a Kanguru blu flashdrive to my replacement laptop, a Toshiba Portege.

    I purchased a Digital Intelligence USB media card write blocker. SD cards have a controller which can be exploited.

    I don't know if the media card writer has a controller or if the write protection switch is any different from the write protection switch on a SD card.

    I am considering paying $300 for a Tableau USB blocker. I asked Digital intelligence if they are vulnerable to firmware rootkits. Their response:

    "We sent an email to Guidance/Tableau inquiring about a firmware rootkit on the SD card altering the firmware on a T8. They have responded stating that the rootkit would have to be specifically written for the SD card reader in order to modify it. As far as it altering the firmware on our USB 3 card reader, our Vice President says that it's firmware cannot be altered at all."

    I don't want to pay $300 for a Tableau and only be able to use it once, at most, before it is infected. Likewise, with a new media card blocker.

    How to transfer files safely?

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    For me. My copy and paste from External hard drive is just fine. Same for Pen Drive.

    But. I do not do the Bad Bios Dance like you do.

    But I'll pass ya beer any hows.

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    First off, why do you even think BadBIOS has infected your computer? As far as I know, no one has any convincing evidence that BadBIOS even exists.

    That doesn't stop unscrupulous fake AVscan programs from pretending it does. The way fake AVscan programs work, they claim to provide protection from malware when, in fact, they themselves are the malware. So, no matter how clean a computer system is, as soon as you install the fake AVscan program, you have yourself manually installed the malware.

    If an AVscan program is telling you that your computer is infected with BadBIOS, it's a scam. The first step is to remove that AVscan program (good luck with that, it will resist complete removal.)
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    Oh dear. Here we go again. Another trip into paranoia so deep it makes me look normal.
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    AFAIK, only the NSA (or other spy agencies) can infect your BIOS, and if they do, you will never know it! Can you spell Stuxnet?

    If you think your BIOS has been infected, then remove the chip and ask for a new one from the manufacturer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadBIOSVictim View Post
    I burned my personal files to DVDs. Later, I learned that BadBIOS infects the burning of DVDs.
    ... I need to copy my personal files from an infected SD card and a Kanguru blu flashdrive to my replacement laptop, a Toshiba Portege.
    ... How to transfer files safely?
    I suggest you do not transfer using usb. If possible convert files you want to transfer to text which you can review as part of the transfer process and write the files to dvd/cd.

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    Rubberman, the NSA has developed several BIOS rootkits but so has hackers such as Rakshasa. Rakshasa: Is it Possible to Design the Perfect Hardware Backdoor?

    Hackers have developd variants of State developed malware.

    BIOS rootkits are obvious.

    I would like to take your recommendation to replace the BIOS chip. Can you recommend any laptop that offers this? All the laptops I have owed do not have replaceable BIOS.

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    Jonathan183, two years ago, I tried to burn my personal files to DVDs. Additional content gets loaded. xfburn and K3B give the total size of the files before burning. The size is larger than the size of my files.

    Opening the DVDs in safe computers, infects the computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadBIOSVictim View Post
    How to transfer files safely?
    Sadly you are probably doomed to a life of total isolation as the virus will follow you and your files forever...

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