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    Leave your cell phone at home when you protest

    EFF article that should interest some.....
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    Read that. Until all cell phones incorporate serious encryption, this is good advice, and even then it is good advice. Unfortunately, if you want to record events, you need some sort of device to do so, and cell phones today are the best option. If you can stream the videos and photos to another secure site on the net, then that is best, as if the cops get your phone, the data is still available even if they wipe the phone.
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    definitely good advice, but also old advice.
    i could've told you that 15 years ago.
    i also could've told you 15 years ago that you have to take your battery out of your cell phone if you do not want to be triangulated. switching it off is not enough. i guess this still holds true.

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  5. #4 with the exception of a couple of phone numbers you can not seem to remember what of any use could the content of a phone be? has angry birds taken new meaning or does liqjel extrsngth and watch battery on the todo not mean your girlfriends watch stopped..the one you gave her for xmas this year and you have a headache or are youtube vids really really illegal. I have vinyl for all my mp3 but that could mean the confiscation of all my records just to check...nooooo..that's it I'm discarding this cheap electromagsonic survailing technoclouded crap. Next time I'm rockin the clamshell paygo, stock for shock and no lock just give it the pop and yofree mothawhatphoneuker..oh wait a minute my mom bought me that phone sooo..later

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