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    FirewallD block all IP beside a subnet

    I'am having issues blocking ssh 5001 to all Ip beside the network.Bellow is my config. I can still reach the from differnt networks with this config.
    I used --permenate and rebooted whole machine

    firewall-cmd --zone= --list-all
    internal (default, active)
    interfaces: enp9s0 eth0
    services: dhcpv6-client dns http https ipp-client mdns samba-client ssh
    ports: 5001/tcp 22/tcp
    masquerade: no
    rich rules:

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    If I understand correctly you only want to be able to log in to SSH from one IP address?

    Here is an article on how to achieve that in two different ways in .deb; but shouldn't be too awfully different for .rpm. (I might be wrong on the allow/deny on .rpm, haven't played with that branch much.)

    One uses the FW and one uses deny/allow. I used deny/allow on my set up. IMHO I think it's a little easier to work with than the FW rules b/c I change my NT config from time to time as I build, learn, play, harden and experiment and if I foul something up I can just manually boot that terminal and fix the problem in allow/deny.

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    I just want the subnet to ssh to that end device. But right now a 192.168.44./25 subnet can ssh to it even though i cited a source ip subnet and the port numbers i need to work on it now


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