I am a teacher in an HS IT class. I take care of the network for my lab in full with a live IP for our class web site.
I have been using Squid / Squid guard to filter Internet access.
It is failing mainly due to https.
Content filtering would be a great thing as well - that can come later, if I can use a blacklist ( got one from squidguard.org before ) and custom entry table to block URL / domains, that is a great start.

I use OpenSuse and would like to stay with if I can.

I looked at pfSense which has a cool web interface but it seems to use squid for proxy and squidguard for filtering.
I saw DanGuard which seemed to be much the same.
Except for the web interface, that puts me back to Squid / SQ.

I am looking for quick pointer info.

Is all I really need and the better of choices to use Squid then set up SquidGuard or is there a better option? ( I pretty much have to do this for free )
If someone would care to point me to some simple examples / set-ups.

There is just so much information and some might even be correct but I can't seem to follow them. I need to fix right away and time, since I teach, is of limited quantity ( and I am not wanting to take a lot from anyone else ). If someone knows off the tops of their head a place to look, I'd be grateful.


I have been and will continue to googling,
btw, I tried a search on here at the top and got this :

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