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    Users cannot delete new files - Samba shared directory

    I have a Samba shared directory with full 0777 access to all and I have the Sticky bit turned off so that anybody can delete each others files (thats how the client wants it). I have samba set up to allow Guest access as well and everybody is part of the group "Nobody".

    Anyways, for existing files in the shared everything is fine, but when someone places a new file from their desktop into the shared directory, it gets put into their name as the owner, group 'Nobody', but nobody else can delete the file and it becomes read only. The file's attributes are 755 all of a sudden

    How do I set it up so that files placed into a shared directory can be deletable by others?


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    Try to set an umask option in your /etc/samba/smb.conf file under the share that you have shared on your linuxbox, that will do the trick. Then all the files that will put on the share get the same permissions.



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    You may also try these settings

    force create mode = 760
    force directory mode = 775

    Please change the values as per your needs

    Hope this helps.. Also as suggested by andutt umask will do the trick as well


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    I have a similar problem, and it must be global sinse it affects all my shares. My users can't delete files. We can write, modify, and change the name of files, but not delete any files.

    Any ideas for this newb?

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