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    Help setting up a firewall


    I guess its time I set up a firewall! Kinda stupid for not doing it sooner....

    Im runing slackware 10 (might be 10.1).

    I have iptables installed, and also got iptables-control which seems to guid though setting it up.

    What i really need help with is all the ports. THis is what i want to use it for:

    1) A Samba server for sharing files with windows pc's
    2) A FTP server (already set up and working) - port 21 at a guess
    3) SSH so I can log in to it from LAN - port 22 at a guess
    4) VNC so I can remote desktop from LAN

    any ideas on which ports i need to open for vnc or smb?? ive tried a few but things grind to a halt when its turned on!

    Also, once its set up, i issue the commannd "iptables start" and it gets things going, will i have to do this every time i log on?


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    Look at IANA network port assignments for which ports you need for various services.

    For automatic startup, just add your filewall script to your system startup scripts -- I'm not a Slacker, so I'm not sure which script it is, but on RedHat it's /etc/init.d/rc.d/rc.local.
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