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    ive heard of a firewall called IPcop but having never used it or smoothwall, i cant make any judgements

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    You should use Clarkconnect 3.0 or newer 3.1 Home ! It's free!

    You can find the iso image and more information at !

    Hope i helped !

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    just go with Smoothwall. Yes you can learn all about iptables, and be happily entertained for as long as you could possibly want, or you can use the most archaic hardware that you can find and build a super secure firewall/DHCP/Web/Samba/Whatever you need server out of Smoothwall without having to do a whole lot of jacking around. Save your brain for learning something that interests you and just use something that works. Smoothwall is the shizzle.

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    Trustix Secure Linux is a full featered Firewall distro.
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    In fact, I also need your opinions about which one is better (for me) between LiveCD distro version and installed-to-harddisk version.
    If you can swing setting up your firewall/distro using a live cd, that is by far the preferred method, IMO. A system with a hard drive can be cracked and written to in a 0-day exploit of iptables (if one is found in the future).

    CDs can not be written to, so if your entire system is running on one, no cracker will be able to install a rootkit to it, for example.

    Is this practical and worth all the trouble? Maybe, maybe not. Linux systems can be hardened sufficiently and that might be just fine for your needs. Do I know of a case where this has been implemented? Unfortunately, no. If you go this route let us know the outcome.

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    Some great info here! What did you end up going with?

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    Cobia firewall module

    Try the Cobia firewall module if you want IPtables with a GUI. Cobia Unified Network Platform | Cobia

    I'd also like to say I had good luck with Smoothwall on my home network in the past.


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