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    Do I need to secure my computer more?

    Right now I'm using RedHat 8 and I set the security to medium during the install (whatever that means) I'm running a ethernet network through my house, so the cable internet come though a router that has a hardware firewall. I'm not running a server or anything...Do I need do secure it more, or am I fine?

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    If your hardare fw is set up correctly, then you'll be fine. Is it a boxed one (like the linksy router) or an actual PC?

    Myself, I've set up an old P166 running FrazierWall linux as my router/fw.
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    personaly I'm behind a NAT firewall on my router, and my server running IPtables. I also have IP Tables running on my linux workstation... I will admit that I don't use a software firewall on my windows machine, although it is locked down pretty tight.

    I would say it would be worth setting your *security level* to high. and checking you have ports *stealthed* on your router iif you can... unless you have services runnign on them that is

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    it's a Linksys Router

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    if you have information on your computer that you dont want ppl to see or to destroy then dont worry about it to much but if you do then i would recommend securing it up alittle more. but thats jst my 2 cents
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    if your not running a server of any sort, and there is no reason for people to be connecting to machines directly in your network, check your routers configuration manual, and turn OFF any settings such as DMZ capabilities (IMPORTANT!!), and ping replys.


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