New to Mozilla 1.6 This may be more difficult than imagined, but have researched and posted about ONLY ALLOWING certain URLs as a way to provide parental control to kids PC. Keep coming up with advice to:
1. Use certain software (questionable filtering and sometimes lots of $$)
2. Set popup blocking in preferences which doesn't help because of filthy text

Seems to me that If I can set to allow only certain URLs in Mozilla, then I have created parental controls for the kids. We have about 30 - 50 sites that we know never have offensive content. That is PLENTY of browsing for young kids. Seems to me that would be more logical than looking for software that uses esoteric algorithms or filtering to scour every site on the ENTIRE www, no?

Is there any way to do this in CLI in mozilla, cause I can't find it in preferences, and is it global, or should this be done with each usernames browser settings.