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    learning security

    Hello -
    I have an interesting question.. I've been in college for nearly three years and I've finally decided what I want to do with the rest of my life. I would like to be a Tehcno-Security consultant...

    Does anyone, possibly in this field, know where to start to gather as much information as posible?? I know a little here and there but i'm mostly self-taught so i couldn't put myself as knowledgabe on any one topic.

    Any help which could be supplied would be greatly apreciated!!


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    There is a book called hacking linux exposed which I highly recommend you reading. I mostly learned security not by reading but by hands on experience. There are a few good books out there but they can only teach you so much. When you are out in the field, you will learn what works and what doesn't for each situation that you run into.

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    I have found that I definately learn by doing... I have my CCNA so I have a decent grasp on networking and various involved aspects. Typically when I read a book on a specific topic, I have to have something to look up and learn about, I can't just sit and read... What would be a good possible major to persue or even a masters... should I just focus on a bunch of certifications? Thanks, Cole

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    There are quite a few security certs that you can go for, ranging from the security+ (an entry level cert from comptia) to the cissp (must have a minimum of 4 years experience).
    Seeing as you are ccna certified have you thought about the ccsp, it deals with setting up ids, vpns, secure networks, pix firewalls.

    I think most companies would prefer someone who has a masters degree over someone with a load of certs.

    Some books I have read and would recommend
    Building Internet Firewalls - O'Reilly
    Practical Unix and Internet Security - O'Reilly
    Maximum Linux Security - Sams
    Linux Firewalls - New Riders
    Hacking Linux Exposed - Osborne/McGraw Hill

    Book that I wouldnt recommend
    The Art of Deception - Wiley

    BTW - Did you find the ccna rough ? I am writing on the first of September.

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    Actually the courses were quite simple... me and some buddies took three semesters in one semester during our Senior year of high school... As far as the exam - it learns... It finds your weak points and focuses the test quetions toward it so be sure to KNOW your stuff... I reccomend reading Todd Lammle's book -> It covers aspects that the courses do not. The hardest part was the Threaded Case Study that we did... It took about 4 hours from each of the four team members... they actually used our design (partially) when the redid the networks for the school district... it was fun


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    Yeah, I know about adaptive exams. Most of the M$ exams I did were adaptive.
    I have got the cisco press book plus the sybex exam cram and cisco flash cards.
    I just want to know how difficult the exam is so I know how much effort to put in.

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    not too sure

    Since the exam is revised every year or so - I'm not sure, I took it over two years ago - when I took it it wasn't too hard so long as you had a working knowledge of the cirriculum...

    Good Luck

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