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    Is this setup for a firewall adequate?

    Is an OpenBSD OS on a Celeron box using pf.conf nat and ip forwarding rules. It can always use your review when we get the site behind the firewall
    I realize that the above (from our hosting company) is not enough to draw any hard concluesions but is the software used enough for a non-ecomerce site enough for a marketing type page. It's a for a non-for profit religous grp.

    I just am not familar with just using nat and forward rules on the same box. Also is "forward of rules" a ip chain or iptable solution or just redirects using functions of a PC based router?

    I'd ask the guy I got the msg from but it takes 3 or more days to get a response back most of the time. He's not who I would have chosen do the job due to lack of customer service but its a done deal at this point.

    Thanks for any help,

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    This might be a bit late based on the date you posted.
    IP Forwarding and NAT uses IP Tables.
    Sorry I don't know what pf.conf is.

    This would be satisfactory, if the rules are setup correctly.
    If you want to check the PC using a simple test, try:

    If you want a very useful ip tables script with lots of rules that would probably suit without doing much modification, I'd recommend arno's firewall script. You can search for this on sourceforge since I forget the address.

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    i will suggest you .Iam using this great software

    and serving 21 windows/linux clients.

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