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    Clam av rpms for Red Hat 9

    I have recently installed clamav and clamd-milter daemons on Red Hat 9, but I am not having a fun time trying to configure them.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Why whats the problem??


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    No problem, Clam av is installed and working, however I would like to set it for auto update and scan which I believe are possible. As for the Clam-milter I believe this also to be working ok but I can not find anything about checking it so that I know that I have a functional e-mail scanner.javascript:emoticon('')

    Yes I have visited the site and iwhen this problem is sorted I will know where to call in the futurejavascript:emoticon(':P')

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    Just write a script then at it to cron which runs clams virus def update and scans. As for the email, it should be in the logs.

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    Its the wording of the script that has been the fun part from the beginning, I need very basic help here.

    As for mail logs they are in order Thanks.

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