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Thread: RSA versus DSA

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    Wow, that's a long post, but certainly interesting.

    Finally someone here who actually understand cryptography at that level. I would study it, but there are other subjects that I find must take prededence.

    However, JustinT, would you please be as kind as to give me your opinion on a cryptographic problem that has been bothering me for months?
    The thing is, that I have been thinking for months about the creation of a new operating system. Of course, I want strong authentication to be an essential part of it, and I was planning on using a kerberos-like UID scheme, ie. Kerberos principals would play the same role as UIDs in existing UNIX systems. As a crypto guy, I'm sure that you have at least a basic understanding of Kerberos, right?
    The main problem about it that is bothering me is how to work out setuid problems on untrusted workstations (naturally, no workstations should be trusted). For example, take the cron daemon, that runs programs as a certain user at specified intervals. Naturally, it needs to be able to become that user. However, I can't figure out a secure way of getting a Kerberos ticket from the KDC without a password...
    After thinking enough, I have more or less decided that it might be impossible, and I might have to implement some workstation trust scheme, but I guess I'm hoping that someone like you would have a solution. =)

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    hi, can any one post the articles about comparision of dsa vs rsa to this mail id. Please send the articles to that mail id as soon as u can. pleaseeee.

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