I've been using Shorewall Firewall for some time now and just ran across GuardDog firewall setup util and GuidDog netwrk routing util.

I haven't installed these yet and before I do I was wondering if I could get some feedback from some of the novices to the experienced users on the good the bad and the ugly of these two utilities as well as comments on my setup below.

Right now I have a dialup connection to the internet and use IP masq'ing for 2 other winblows pc's behind the linux box running shorewall.

Eventually I will be getting DSL with 6 available public ip's and am wondering how robust the GuideDog util is for port forwarding to privately addressed pc's.

Shorewall uses DNAT (mainly is used when you only have 1 public ip on eth0), and STATIC NAT(many public ip's-like a 1to1 nat) variants for port forwarding and Masqurading or SNAT for outbound connections.

Proxy Arp?

There isn't a GuideDog usersmanual yet so I was wondering what, if any, experiences people of had using GuideDog for port forwarding of regular services like smtp, http, ssh, dns, ect...ect...vpn/ipsec.

Trying to get an idea of how robust this GuideDog utility is for port forwarding..from any of the advanced users and how this works in conjunction with GuardDog?