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    Weird KDE behavior -- worm??

    I was configuring my desktop with KDE, when the all the desktop icons disappeared suddenly -- then the toolbars --

    Rebooted, loaded in as root, figuring I did something wrong -- root loaded okay, then same thing, but there was a kind of dancing smiley face on top of a dialog box, then nothing. I had a mouse, but a blank desktop.

    I am pretty sure I had the firewall up with SuSE also.

    SOund like a weird error or a worm?

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    Rebooted again and tried once more.

    When I login now, there is NOTHING on the desktop (not even the background I had), but there is the toolbar on the bottom. When I click on one of the icons, it scrolls downward and disappears.

    Then nothing.

    I have to reset to get out of it -- can't run config or anything.

    I booted this time with my cablemodem unplugged just to see.

    The worst part is it took we weeks to get this system up and running properly. All the bugs were out, I had sound with Audigy 2 and graphics with Radeon 9800 pro.


    Please help -- google searches were fruitless!

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    kde doesnt put anything on the root desktop anyway. try logging in as a normal user and see what happens

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    Logging in in any way causes the same thing.

    I think I am going to repost this to the X-windows area, as I think it is a problem with KDE specifically.

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    That sounds like a virus to me, but you say you had a Radeon 9800 when this happend, it could be a driver issue.

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    the dnacing smiley thing is a kde toy for kids. called ksmile or something i sometimes got it once when logged in as root, never botherd to disable it

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