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    Restrict User File Access

    Hi all,

    Not entirely sure that this is the right place but...I have a group of users that remotely SSH to my server and I would like to make sure that they can only access /sites/xzxzxz/xzxzxz/xzxzzx (folder) and /bin/ping (not ping but program does need access to tcp 1215 or something not by unix filesystem type connection though) and /shxxeuxexr/downloads/rxn (folder) for example. What would be the best way about this, they also have to access these things only via FTP. I'd love a solution, thanks. (server setup done, just need help with the user security stuff above)

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    Mark Rawson

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    Have you already chmod the dir's for individual and group rights? There is a tut on this if you need it in the tutorial section.

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    Once you chmod all the dirs, I would set up another dir (/pub or something) to be the default dir that they log in w/ ssh/ftp and lock them in that dir. Then, make symlinks to what you want them to have access to in the other dir.
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