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Thread: root?

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    Hi i am having a bit of a problem with getting into /root. does anyone know how i am able to get into this folder to make changes ? i am th only user and am logged in as administrator all the time but i can not get into this folder. any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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    one, it's not a good idea to be logged in as 'root' all the time.. you can potentially damage your system by one misplace command (one command that you should *never* run as root is 'rm -rvf /*')

    two, the /root directory is the root user's home directory... it stores user-specific config files for the user 'root' amongst other things...

    i would recommend making another user account and using the command 'su' to switch to root when necessary... logging in as root should *rarely* be done...
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    Run a "who" from cmd line or terminal and verify you are who you think you are. Next if you are logged in as "root" the sys should never deny you access to /root dir. Also if you log in from another account be sure to use the switch "-" as in "su -" so you also pickup the roots profile as well.

    As far as not using root account all the time, some people are very concerned about the power you weld in a quick moment of erroring. Certainly be aware that you can hose your system totally up very quickly as root just like you can when your on any win 9x machine. So be aware but there is no need to be paranoid about either.

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