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    Newbie firewall ?

    So im fairly new to linux (i just installed RH8 last week). Im not sure exactly where this question is supposed to go, so i put it here. How do make my IP adress invisible? I loved kazaa when i had winblows (even though i think thats what ruined my system), and i plan on using some other P2P software on linux (why else would anyone pay $50 month for DSL?). The thing is, Ive been told that now kazaa users are starting to be subponaed (sp?). Needless to say, i dont want this to happen to me. Is there any way to prevent the feds showing up on my door?

    Also related to this question: certain software titles send out something to the company saying that you are or arent registered to use this particular program. I have a burned copy of AutoCAD and 3dStudio that i would like to continue to use, as well as a burned copy of winblows 2000 that i will need to run them. I only intend to connect to the internet through linux. Will these programs still be able to transmit back home, even though they are under a different OS (on a different partition)?

    Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, i didnt really know how to search it

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    I was just thinking, if Autocad (& these other programs) will run in wine, will i have to worry about this problem?

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    im fairly certain that this forums moderaters would not be happy if we answerd that question. The security forum is primarily for questions concerning the security of your system/network. Not for help in breaking the law undetected;) perhaps you might find help elsewhere?

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    so sorry. I had just seen other threads using words like "hack" and the like, so i figuered it would be ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonkelly
    so sorry. I had just seen other threads using words like "hack" and the like, so i figuered it would be ok. If any feels like answering by email, that would be great, because if you guys cant answer it, i dont know who can. My adress is <removed at Jason's request> THanks
    First off... "hack" is a good word, not a bad one. Check out what the real definition of "hack" is and you'll understand.

    Secondly, man... you are asking for trouble. You just publicly admitted to illegal activity and then you posted your e-mail address. Talk about making it easy for the cops to find you.

    Lastly, the reason many of us are using/switching to Linux is because it provides us with easy access to good, FREE, software that you can download legally without worrying about all the mess you are in right now.

    [edit: I have removed the e-mail at jason's request. Jason... I hope you decide to stick with Linux and get the good software for free - why risk being caught when there is other software out there? Leave that MS crap alone and come towards the light.]

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    AutoCAD? XFig is good enougth, and free.
    Btw, I agree with blue, you've cut of teh branch your sitting on, hope you're not too high up and land on somthing soft - 'cose else it'll hurt a lot.
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