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    How do I secure my email server

    Every day I get a message like this:
    --------------------- sendmail Begin ------------------------
    Relaying denied:
    From [] to 1 Times(s)
    The IP and email address may change but there always seems to be someone probing my system.
    I also get:
    --------------------- Connections (secure-log) Begin ------------------
    Service pop3: 1 Time(s)
    The IP address is not one of mine. I don't know what they are doing but I can't imagine they mean me any good.
    Question #1: How can I be sure that there is no unauthorized access to my mail server?
    Question #2: How do I set up my email server so that it requires Secure Password Authentication (SPA) in Outlook?
    I don't consider myself overly paranoid, but everyday since I have got my static IP address someone has been touching my system.

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    what POP3 Daemon are you running?

    You are bound to see hundreds of connection attempts, as spammers scan entire Class A IP ranges at a time looking for badly configured mail servers that will relay their spam.

    Really your POP server should be IP restricted if its just for home access, and unless you have a domain that you have set MX records on to point to your mail server, you should proberly ip restrict(firewall off) SMTP as well.


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    I am running RedHat 9.
    I have set up the IP restrictions but I do not know if that will block me from accessing mail when I am not at home.
    I do not like the idea of sending the user name and password to the mail server in clear text because it is the Linux user name and password as well.

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    How do I get Outlook to use SPA?

    What settings do I use in TRUST_AUTH_MECH and confAUTH_MECHANISMS to get Outlook to use SPA?

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