Good evening all,

Been around lately, searching the forums for various answers about Linux and Services and configurations.
But this time.. can't figure this one out, so if you guys don't mind, i'm going to bother you a bit about this one :P

Situation : Fedora Core 4 with 2 NIC + Wireless NIC.
LAN + Cable + Wireless (3 nic)

Im mostly done with my Linux server, this time, im having a hard time figuring this one. (prolly my brain that went in foggy mode after 20hours of work on this... >< )

What kind of IPTables rule to forward some specific port(s) tru a device.

Example : have port 12500 forwarded tru my device wlan0.

i wanna split the bandwidth and have some stuff go tru my wlan0 and the rest goes on my cable connection.

But i can't think of how to structure the iptable rule for this. (been reading iptables websites related for the past 4 hours...)

Thanx for the tips and help