i'm scripting a backup process for a series of servers, where one server (the "backup server") will ftp into all other servers and grab files for backing up to tape on a scheduled regular basis.

now, we have two (debian 3.1) linux servers and a windows 2003 server, and on the win2k3, i created a user with total read access and no write access. as well, this ftp account is restricted to one static ip (that of the backup server).

i'd like to do the equivalent on the debian linux servers, to create a user account with read access to all files (can ftp in and GET any files owned by any user), but no write access (can't SEND or modify any files). and if possible, I'd like to restrict ftp access under this specific user account to a single static ip. (we're using ProFTPD 1.2.10 Server on the debian)

the problem is, i'm thoroughly versed in windows, but not so much in linux, and so i'd greatly appreciate any help given.