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Thread: iptables

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    Hi i am new to IPTABLES so unsure how to do this -
    I want to stop a video stream which is on a known port e.g. 554 using the Helix server to a particular IP address using iptables.
    Then at some point when it has been decided that the user at that IP address is allowed to view the stream again I want to allow output to that IP address using IPTABLES again.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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    this should work, I have the same on my system:

    -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --destination <ip-addr> --dport 554 --syn -j REJECT

    and replace the "REJECT" with the "ACCEPT" once you want to revert the

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    Adding an additional "ACCEPT" rule won't revert the rule; it will just append an "ACCEPT" rule to the end of the chain which won't be checked since the "REJECT" rule will already have terminated the walk-through.

    Instead, run "iptables -L", look up the index of the rule (1-based; if you don't have any other rules, the index is 1), and then run "iptables -D INPUT index" to remove the rejecting rule.

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