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Thread: Port scanners

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    Port scanners

    I recently set up a RedHat Linux Server. I am somewhat dismayed to find that every few minutes some port scanner is checking out my IP address.

    Is there any software that will grab the SNMP data put out by my linksys router (which contains an IP address), do a reverse DNS, look up the abuse email address for the ISP who is providing the IP address on and once a day send off emails the respective ISPs?

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    forget it. The ISP's will just end up blacklisting all mail sent to them from your IP and/or email address.

    These things happen. Your not specifically being targeted, but right now thousands of people are running automated scripts to check thousands of IP address's for a particular service / vulnerability.

    Its a part of the internet as we know it in 2003.


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    I get this every once in awhile. I seem to be a favorite target of a few script kiddies. All i can say is, Revenge is sweet....

    As far as a reverse DNS lookup. Get the IP and simply do a "traceroute" on the ip. It should tell you the name of his provider in there somewhere.

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    Its a part of the internet as we know it in 2003.
    Actaully to the best of my knowledge this is 2004.

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    Posted: 27 Nov 2003
    look before you leap
    Thanks v much

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    I thought that this forum had merged with another and so the old threads were lost ?

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    Not all old posts were deleted. Just most of the non-technical ones and non-answered posts, IIRC.
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