I installed firestarter firewall the other day and i had a strange outgoing log

feb 15 time, outgoing, eth0, port:1234 "my server internal addy" destination: "" Length:44 TOS:0x00 protocl:tcp service:SUBSEVEN.

and another one all the same the next day, but the destination was

Im behind a m1122 and have a few common ports pinhold to my linux server. i have firestarter on fedora core2 been fully updated with yum.
I run opendchub a "direct connect p2p server" just for a hand full of friends.
plus i run Valknut to connect to my opendchub and a few other small hubs.

i was wanting to know if this is just a outgoing search from my valknut to someone one in a hub im connected to, on port 1234. user with active settings which is using tcp 1234

looking at the port list on the net i found "port 1234 search-agent - Infoseek Search Agent" i do know the port on subseven can be changed, but would firestarter know the difference and class this as subseven because it had a special signature etc.

i would hate to be routing or festering trojons! ill keep looking around the net but can anyone clear this up for me?

Thank you to anyone that helps in advanced
Cheers Spagnuts