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Thread: tcpd

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    I have a question regarding tcpd. As far as I understand this, it seems to me like tcpd is basically validates a client (via /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny) as well as log this information.

    When I set up my NFS server, I had to edit /etc/hosts.allow to do somethings. I'm currently reading about how inetd uses tcpd and the confusion arises here. I'm noticing that some programs are called with /usr/sbin/tcpd while others like NFS don't explitcitly call tcpd. Does this mean that NFS binaries just have tcpd builtin on them or call the appropriate libs during run time?
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    The library that really does the work is called tcp_wrappers. Many programs call that library by themselves, such as the NFS daemons. The tcpd program only acts as a wrapper program for other programs that don't support tcp_wrappers by themselves.

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