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    Anyone have or read a good book on LInux/Unix Security?

    Let me be direct. I do know how to use AMAZON and google. What I was hoping for was a recommendation from somebody who has either had a class or read a very good book

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    Ive read Hacking Linux Exposed which was good, and a book IIRC called "Redhat Firewalls" by redhat press which covers IP tables to some depth, and also includes a bit information about general security as well.

    Other than that, just read tutorials, guides etc from the internet


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    I have an excellent book on Linux security called "Real World Linux Security" by Bob Toxen. He is very hard core and very knowledgeable, but also explains stuff in a common sense manner. But be warned, you need some good background in Linux. It's not a book for newbies. Also, it's a 700+ page paperback tome.

    The author even discusses the vulnerabilities of how the X server uses tcp/ip port 6000 for delivering its windowing stuff! wow :-\


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    Hacker's Challenge (Mike Schiffman) is an interesting book to read. It shows you how systems are broken into from the hacker's perspective, and then guides you through how the break-in could have been avoided. Very eye-opening!

    Another good book which I was at first sceptical about was 'The Art of Deception' by Kevin Mitnick. It's not specifically Unix/Linux related, but it does show you how to get access to systems using social engineering previously out of bounds. You'd be suprised how well some of the techniques work


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    well i have a huge collection of books more then 700 book but the best one i ever read is " building internet firewalls 2nd edition" it's one of the best books ever written about security and firewalls, well plus you have plenty of other books and tutorials that u can find on the net that cn help you alot with your security issues


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    I'd put in a second vote for "Real World Linux Security." It is a great guide for securing many parts of your system. The author set it up with lists of projects to complete to harden your system and even gave each one a priority rating. There are so many that you'll never have the time or really need to perform them all, but it's quite informative.

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