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    Exclamation Firewall hardware

    I have ubuntu running on my system using dsl to switch on ethernet
    I am trying to find out what I need to do to make a hardware firewall. Is 450Mhz fast enough? I am trying to do it without spending to much. The comp I am using is 1.73G . Am I going to loose much speed in the transfer? Okay what the question is, how do I tell it (firewall) to drop unwanted packets ie; attack and forward the needed ones to my base system? Also is there anything special I need to know in the networking part of it? Is this what is called a Linux box? I want a front end hardware firewall networked to my base system. I'm fairly new to Linux, and I love it,
    Wish I found it 20 yrs ago If someone could guide me to a page or better if you have done it great.

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    I've never tried setting up a linux-based firewall, but yes, 450 mhz should be more than enough. I'd suggest you take a look at IPCop, which seems like the most popular distribution for this task:

    I don't think you will lose any speed at all. Oh, and linux didn't exist 20 years ago

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    You might also consider Smoothwall which has a good reputation. You should be able to configure most of the options you want via its frontend.

    Find it here.

    And yes - You can use a low spec machine to do this.
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    Thank you

    I think I am going to go with the ipcop. checked out the sight and its just what I was looking for. Thanks again. Worth the read for anyone that hasnt been to the sight

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    The installation of both IPCop and Smoothwall are identical - perhaps, similar projects?

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    Forgot to mention that ipcop offers support for IP aliasing on the Red interface whereas with Smoothwall, you have to install a mod that adds to the installation routine. IPCop gets my vote for a firewall appliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtmtnbiker98
    Forgot to mention that ipcop offers support for IP aliasing on the Red interface IPCop gets my vote for a firewall appliance.
    Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to go with Ipcop. Looked at both of them,
    Ipcop also goes more with gnu . Thats why they split off of Smoothwall if I understand correctly.

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    When i read the topic "Firewall Hardware" I thought it would be about Firewall Hardware i.e Cisco etc. Not Firewall Software which you guys are talking about

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