I've been a Checkpoint administrator for several years, and have been looking for a good Checkpoint style GUI for IPTABLES, and was really happy when I came across Fwbuilder.

I've installed and resolved all of the dependency issues as far as I can tell, and I really love the interface and configurability. I've created a test firewall by installing 3 NICS (int, ext, and DMZ), defined my objects and services, and building a small basic rulebase. So far, so good. When I go to compile, I get the following error:

fwb_ipt: Symbol `_ZN9Resources6os_resE' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
Segmentation fault
I've searched high-and low to find information on this and have come up with zip. I can't find any reference to this on the fwbuilder site, or through any Google or forum searches. I really like this product and once I get it going and do some testing, I may consider deploying it at clients that don't have as big of a budget as others, but I haven't gotten anywhere on this for a couple of days. Maybe I'm missing something basic, but I'm just not finding it.

I'm using:

Fedora Core 4
iptables 1.3.0
fwbuilder 2.0.12-1 (FC4 package)
libfwbuiler 2.0.12-1 (FC4 package)
fwbuilder-ipt-2.0.12-1.rh90.i386.rpm (the only one I could find for 2.0.12)

I've also downloaded the packages to install and set this up on one of my Slackware boxes, so I may or may not have the same problems there, but I haven't gone through the setup on Slack yet.