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    Port 80 Blocked.

    Hi guys,

    My problem is that I just installed a Fedora 5 with apache 2.2.2 and it's supposed to listen on all ip address. I tested with "lynx localhost" and it worked fine, what I'm missing? I can ping it but when i try to access from another machine it does not respond, it can be the linux firewall, and if this is the case, how can I fix it?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Daniel Hernandez.

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    Check and make sure that your server is acting in Secure mode, i.e. type https://youripaddress and see what happens. You mentioned successfully connecting from the machine itself by typing http://localhost, correct? Apache2.conf sets the listener and if I'm not mistaken, the default port is 80, not all of them. That wouldn't be very secure now would it?

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    in the httpd.conf is listening on the 80 por only, i tryied https://ipaddress from the other machine, and it did nothing.

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    Disable SE-Linux in your firewall settings and perhaps, try disabling the firewall to see if you can connect. Report your results.

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    I disabled the iptables service and it worked, now I have to allow the port 80 on the iptables.

    Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breydan
    I disabled the iptables service and it worked, now I have to allow the port 80 on the iptables.
    Thank you very much.
    then go to firewall configuration and enable it there.
    Edit: I hope I remember it correctly (I don't have Fedora at the moment).

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    I posted here not to open another thread...
    My problem is that i am taking internet from a windows computer thrue ICS.
    I can use the ftp, the http but my valknut and ktorrent does not connect.Why?I have added some ports the vlk and kt use as default to the win firewall but still no resut.What should i do?

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    internet from a windows computer thrue ICS
    I used to use ICS, and you need a program to set up port forwarding.
    I can't remember what I used.

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    Thank you very much.


    Daniel Hernandez

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