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    Encrypting a tarball

    I have quite a few log files i need to tarball, encrypt, and copy the files to a usb thumb drive.
    I do:
    tar -cf file.tar <directory where files are>
    gpg -e -r "<my user>" file.tar
    that all works fine, and i get file.tar.gpg...
    but when i try to decrypt the file later by doing:
    gpg -d file.tar.gpg
    It spits out:
    over and over and over again
    I have no idea why its doing this...any ideas?

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    Try looking in the man pages for reference. You should get a better result by using gpg --decrypt-files file.tar.gpg and entering the passphrase.

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    Trying looking in the man pages for reference, in the meantime use the switch --decrypt-files with gpg and that should get you where you need to be. The -d reference you are using may be old/outdated. If you don't have man pages use the net for the version of the command you are using.
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    You need to use the -o or --output option for gpg to output it to a file

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