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    Security Essentials

    For a new server running on CentOS what would be some essentials you would suggest in terms of security related applications?

    I have a firewall and installed rkhunter but really think more should be done.

    ~ Jared

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    Care to explain the services that will be running on this server? Will there be a perimeter firewall protecting this server, etc..etc..etc...?

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    Hello gtmtnbiker98;

    I hope this is what you are asking for;

    The servers will be with a tier2 provider that has a hardware firewall but recently on one of the cPanel servers somehow it was compramized and root access was gained.

    Services will be cPanel and all primary web server features including but not limited to php-4.4.4 MySQL 4.2+ and Tomcat, Curl, along with a few others. I'll not likely add the JRE for Java as I have yet to find any use for it personally.

    It will be setup primarily as a shared web server.

    ~ Jared

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