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    Careers in Linux Security

    i am 16 1/2 years old and am considering career choices because i will need to pick a suitable degree for the career !! (i will be applying for university in 8 -9 months)

    what careers can be achieved in the field of linux security ?

    if you can, please point me to a website with some good info !!


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    You can probably achieve a lot in that field, considering linux's current growth.
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    most universities don't have a "systems admin" type degree, and if they do they are a more technical college that you might have issues with. It might be a better idea to go to college to get a degree in software engineering to show you have teamwork skills while at the same time keeping a job as a junior sys-admin at a small shop that doesn't have to pay you much. College is not about learning your field, it is about learning how to interact with people, it is about learning how to be a "good businessman" so to speak, not how to "run linux well". At least that is the college experience I have been through, I am in computer science, and am in my last semester. I have learned Java and C through the school, but that is nothing compared to the amount of perl/linux/C++/every other conceivable language that I have learned on my own. You come to realize that knowing linux or C or Perl means nothing compared to knowing good software design, or knowing how to troubleshoot a problem, or knowing how to work in a team environment to get a job done.

    Honetsly, they do risk analysis and have found that they can take a team of 5 people that don't know a drop of a language and get them to write a rather large program in that language they usually succeed, wheras if they get a group of 5 people that know a language really well and have no organization method (Team Software Process, or comparable) they usualy fail. No this isn't an "always" type of scenario, and yes Josh and Joe, I am spouting what the teachers have told us all through college, but they seem more and more right as the time goes on.

    I don't know what to tell you besides keep learning on your own. I learned maybe 4 unix commands at college and I think I am one of the better linux network/system administrators in the central Florida area. It is all about learning the semantics on your own, but the "ideas" behind these semantics at a university.
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    wassy is right.

    give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.. teach him linux and...

    nuff said.

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