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    IPTable user-defined chains disappearing!

    I have a weird issue and I can't seem to figure it out.

    I have 2 systems which I have been playing with both of them run the exact same installations of centos one is an amd athlon 3000 and the other is a dual xeon 2.8 both with 1gb of ram nothing major.

    On my dual xeon system I created a user-defined chain and put some rules in that chain. After a few minutes the chain disappears.

    On my amd system, same thing yet the chain is still active.

    My thought is something is clearing the chains, what... I have no idea!

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you save it? service iptables save to verify iptables -L

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    Indeed I tried that, same issue after a few minutes it just... disappears. All my rules for that specific target in INPUT and "chris" the user-defined chain go bye bye. I ran some rootkit checks on the system to ensure that the system was not possibly rooted everything came back clean on that area. I am at a loss here!

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    Do u hve any other firewall applns like (firestarter, etc) installed? If so, that wud erase custom chains periodically.

    Check your crontab or at for any scheduled tasks?

    better you flush all your rules and see if you cud find any rules after sometime, to make it sure that some firewall appln is running..

    Gud luk

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    I did not check for any other firewalls except for APF considering this was an out of box install like the other system. With that said I am not seeing anything else writing rules out to the firewall, rules just disappear... I checked crontab and nothing is running in crontab for the root user, maybe I am not checking the right place? How would I go about seeing if another firewall is installed on the system, this part I am a bit new to.

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