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    Should I be worried?

    I have my own dedicated server, but I am not an expert. I do have help when it comes to looking after the server, but I would like to get a second opinion.

    Recently I have been seeing these messages in /var/log/messages. Could someone tell me what are these mean or should I be worried about it?

    Thanks guys!

    -ipt_unclean: Zero TCP ports 0/8080
    -ipt_unclean: TCP options 8 after end
    -ipt_unclean: TCP flags bad:3
    -no server suitable for synchronization found
    -kernel: 11 header:00:0d:87:24:ab:1d:00:90:69:3d:38:00:08:00
    -kernel: martian source /server IP here/ from, on dev eth0

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    im no expert either but i think they are your firewall (iptables) messages some unclean packets to port 8080 from a port zero.

    could be some config or network error.. but i assume there are not a lot of these message.. to imply a portscan of sorts.. so i think it isnt dangerous. but you better consult the senior members here
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    Those messages are merely warnings. They indicate that someone may well be trying to crack your server, but those messages in themselves far from imply that they have succeeded (they most likely haven't).

    Don't worry too much about people cracking your server - it normally happens a couple of hundred times per day, because of all active subnet scanners (that is, people's computers that are virus infested) out there.

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    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I feel better this is not one of the program that might not working properly.

    Yes I am aware of hackers and their daily actions per day

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