Apache2 + WebDAV + Virusscanner
Hi People,

I'm looking for a good solution to secure the apache2 webserver so it can scan for virusses in files that are being downloaded and uploaded from/to a WebDAV directory.

So far i've tried these software packages:

1. mod_streamav (http://streamav.sourceforge.net/)
2. mod_clamav (http://software.othello.ch/mod_clamav/)
3. mod_security (http://www.modsecurity.org/)
4. http antivirus proxy (http://www.server-side.de/index.htm)
5. dansguardian webfiltering (http://dansguardian.org/)

The only software package that does virusscanning for both download and upload through WebDAV is mod_streamav but this module is not quite good enough.
The other packages work only though a webbrowser connection.

My Question: Does anyone know of other software packages that can be used to scan files for virusses for WebDAV ?