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Thread: ftp security

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    ftp security

    in vsftpd, chown_user setting enables anonymously uploaded files to be chowned by a certain user, but it only works for files that are anonymously uploaded. Is there any way of doing it for all files, even those that aren't anonymously uploaded?
    I've got two users, "ben" and "benftp". "ben" is my normal standard user account, as such I want all files owned by "ben".

    I want to log in to ftp as "benftp" so I don't need to send the password for "ben" in clear text over the WAN, so I can prevent "benftp" from logging in to sshd, and thus no-one will be able to log in to sshd by snooping on ftp traffic.

    But when I've uploaded files, they're owned by "benftp", but I want them owned by "ben", and I have to log in as root to chown them. Is there any better way of accomplishing what I need to do without having to log in as root?

    also if i do su from putty over sshd, it doesn't send root's password in clear text over the WAN does it?

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    "ftp security"? oxymoron?

    those 2 words don't belond together any which way.

    ever heard of sftp? better solution for you.

    if you persist with ftp instead then you can have a cron job find all finds owned by benftp and chown them to ben. simple

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