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    flac deletes files without write permission

    I was transcoding some wav files to flac from a user account with the option --delete-input-file, and I noticed the flac program was deleting input files which belonged to root and had 644 permissions. How is that possible?
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    It doesn't matter who owns the file or what permissions you have if the user has write permissions on the directory, it's the same visa versa, you can't modify directory contents if you don't have write access to it even if you own it.
    excaliber% su
    bash-3.2# chown root:root encryptioncode.txt.bak 
    bash-3.2# exit
    excaliber% rm encryptioncode.txt.bak 
    rm: remove write-protected regular file `encryptioncode.txt.bak'? y

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    Thanks, that cleared it up for me.

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