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    Re: why use AV on linux at all ?

    Quote Originally Posted by hq4ever
    does one even need antivirus software on a linux machine ?

    i'm new to *nix but as far as i see it : if you download the source & check it out before you compile & execute you can be good without any AV software, or am i horrbly wrong ?
    Like I said in my post they are good for fileservers that contain windows files.

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    I don't use windows and I dont use any AV software..

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    Quote Originally Posted by variant
    I don't use windows and I dont use any AV software..
    i have something to say about that :

    not recently i read an article about linux virus's, it linked to the link i gave, i do not remember the reasons it had but it was pretty convincing that even a linux box needs to running an AV software.

    googled a bit & found the article i was talking about its

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    Well, as all other systems, Linux is only as secure as the user running it, but the thing is that as long as you have at least an idea of what you're doing, you can pretty much ensure not getting viruses manually without an A/V program.

    Linux also has the advantage of not being very popular and thus not being a viable virus platform.

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