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    In your opinion, what is the BEST anti-virus program?

    I'm actually asking for a friend, he's about to drop $80 American on some anti-virus software for his linux box. He says he has a worm, but even he isn't 100% about that.

    Whatever it is, it's affecting both his WinXP and his Linux (I can't remember which distro).

    So everyone's opinion here matters on this subject, if you care to, can you please post which program you think is best?

    And if you know it, post if it is free, or what the price may be.

    Thank you,


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    My advice, tell your friend to save his $80

    There is no worm that infects both Windows an Linux, so whatever the problem is, it is highly unlikely to be a worm.

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    And if he is still very insecure, he can try, it is very good, they have trials for both OS, free removal tools, and free versions for Linux.

    They do Antivirus for Linux, because it runs as server, so it protects Windoz appz.

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    Thank you muchly

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    i believe AVG from came out with a linux version, as well as the windows version. and its free the last time i checked.
    I praise Webmin and PuTTy!
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    Thanks again, I'll let him know!

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    isn't running Linux secure enough? I have a fresh install of Fedora Core 2 and nothing else running. Should I be worried?

    I have a WRT54G Linksys router running Linux firmware but it has basic firewall security.

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    Clamav is a great open source (as in free) AV solution i am currently using it on my fileserver and it has picked up a few exploits in .avi files that norton had missed. Works with mail scanning aswell.

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    why use AV on linux at all ?

    does one even need antivirus software on a linux machine ?

    i'm new to *nix but as far as i see it : if you download the source & check it out before you compile & execute you can be good without any AV software, or am i horrbly wrong ?

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    I would be interested to know what thngs are happening
    that make your mate think he's got a dual Win Linux
    worm/virus. I would have to go along with the top
    post there. There arn't any. Though malicouse Linux/Unix
    code isn't completely unknown. The risk is quite small.

    The "Net Filter" hooks provided by the kernel and
    the "iptables" facility, once set up, will provide a
    very good Level of security for any networking activity.
    Along with a detection system as provided by "Snort",
    your box will be well protected.

    I think what he is seeing must be something else.
    Most people that get Win XP viruses usually go
    ballistic for their first couple of posts, so, thats
    probably not the case here


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