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    Systems are unable to use IPv6 during file transfer through FTP


    I have configured two machines through ipsec-tools and fedora linux kernel to make them communicating by using IPv6 and IPsec.

    For testing, I have tried to send packets through ping6 and FTP (vsftpd-1.1.3-8 ) and analysed the packets through ethereal.
    When I use ping6, IPv6 is used for communication and packet is also encrypted as it is using ESP.

    When I send a file through FTP, it uses IPv4 rather than IPv6.

    Any suggestions or comments that why it is not using IPv6 during file transfer through FTP


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    I am using FTP server VSFTPD (vsftpd-2.0.1-5.i386) and I have also configured it for IPv6.
    The guideline that I have used is in the following link
    Configure FTP servers for IPv6
    Section "Configuring the Linux FTP server vsftpd for IPv6"

    It is also mentioned in the following link as well
    Ipv4 + IPv6 with vsftpd - Die Antwort

    The client and server machines are also IPv6 enabled as I am using Fedora linux Kernel During upgrading the kernel version, I have enabled all IPv6 options in 'make xconfig' step

    But the problem still exists.

    Any suggestions

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    "500 OOPS: vsf_sysutil_bind" error occured after FTP connection

    I think the FTP client itself is not IPv6 enabled I have installed lukemftp-1.6-beta2 ftp client which is IPv6 enabled. After installation, I have used the following command to connect to ftp
    ..]# ftp6 fe80::250:bfff:fe38:26f3%eth0

    It connects to the ftp server successfully but when I tried to list the file through ls command I got the following error
    500 OOPS: vsf_sysutil_bind
    500 OOPS: child died
    421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.

    I am using vsftpd-2.0.1-5.i386 ftp server.

    Amy suggestions why I am getting this error

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