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Thread: iptables

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    Hi all,

    i want to make the port 23 as filtered.
    when some body tries to scan my system ports using Nmap, it has to display as filtered

    how to write the iptables rule

    Fedore core -2
    kernel -2.6

    Thanks in Advance

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    Post your iptables script so we can see why it's not working, then we can suggest how you might get it working.

    Here's my iptables script which may be handy. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask. It blocks everything by defaults and allows through only what I define:
    - Incoming and outgoing onnections through the loopback device (which is connections I make to myself, such as connecting to cups locally)
    - Incoming connections that are established (so if I connect to a website and they send something to me (which may be be their a webpage on that server) let that through the firewall)
    - Incoming connections through ports 5000, 5001, 5002, ..., 5009, which I use for BitTorrent.
    - Outgoing connections

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