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    Question Mysterious downloading from time to time

    Hi folks,

    I've recently had a recurrence of a problem I've noticed a few times - for no apparent reason the modem on my firewall box will be receiving packets (and acknowledging them) when I can find no reason for the behavior.

    Most recently I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie after initiating a download of gcc 4.2.0, which should have taken about 2 hours. When I returned 2.5 hours later the modem was downloading data and I thought "That's not right!", so I checked my notebook and found that the download had indeed completed, yet the modem was still working hard. I turned the modem off, fearing a crack attack.

    As I mentioned, I've noticed this sort of thing before.

    What's happening?

    I'm using firehol on my Dapper Drake Kubuntu (2.6.15-28-386 kernel) tower box with the modem, with firehol fully stealthed to provide some protection, with an ethernet cable to my notebook running Edgy Eft Kubuntu (2.6.22-custom kernel).

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Regards, Non.

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    So many things it could be. Could be your modem renewing its dhcp lease, could be something like ClamAV checking for updates. Could be an instant messenger pinging its server, a mail client checking for mail, someone probing you.

    Try setting tcpdump or ethereal/wireshark running next time you leave the PC, that'll tell you exactly what's going on.

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    check the total amount of Data downloaded using Network Monitor tool or using sytem monitor when you are not downloading anything. Close all the applications that use Internet

    if your modem is just renewing ip then the amount downloaded/uploaded must be just a few MB. If that is not your case report here back.
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